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When you need the most heartwarming gift for one of the most important people in your life, only an AMAZING custom song will do.

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“I love our family’s song! you perfectly captured what I wanted to express to my spouse. You are incredibly talented and I am fortunate to have you in my life!” - Megan Kahn, Hamden, CT

Megan wanted a song to deeply thank her husband, Yusuf, for standing by her with ultimate patience and helpfulness through the past couple of years of her illness and surgeries. Their family of 3 lives in Connecticut, and Yusuf has always wanted a house on Block Island, and they were planning a trip to the Grand Canyon to celebrate Megan’s recovery. I worked references to those into the song, using the lighthouse as the main metaphor for their marriage and family love. For their video I used dozens of photos and short videos, all from Megan’s Facebook page, that perfectly capture the essence of her story of recovery, the joy of their marriage, and the warmth of their family love.

"I think everyone can relate on some level to the enormity of committing to a longterm relationship. This song addresses the fear and the joy of falling in love. Robin always surprises me with the depth of her imagination on these custom songs." - Allen

This is a song I wrote for my husband, years ago, and recently recorded as part of my upcoming album. I tried to capture that mystical feeling of falling in love, how it's amazing that two people find each other and make a life together, and how I was always trying to write him songs but never could find the words to express my love. The bridge (instrumental middle part) is an excerpt from an instrumental song I wrote him when we first met, called ”Island Bound.” The last verse is about my hesitation to commit and get married, but then being overcome by my love for him.

“This was the greatest gift anyone's ever given to me. It made me cry, especially on the eve of my little lioness’s 9th birthday. I love it so much. Thank you for sharing your talent with my family.” - Wendy Phillips, Denver

The Phillips Phamily requested a song about lions, which is their family mascot. I crafted a song that captured both the beating heart and lions of Africa, where Wendy has done missionary work, and the spirit of Ireland, her family’s heritage land. The lyrics used lion metaphors to tell the story of each member of the family, including their 22-year-old cat, Cajun. The video includes over 120 photos taken by the family - including Wendy’s photos from her Africa safari and her million-dollar dental marketing business - strategically placed for maximum impact, giving extra insight to the adventure stories behind the song lyrics.

“My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude after watching what you created️️! I’m so excited to be able to share this with her. I think the most incredible part about this song is that even though it’s about my sister, I personally connected to every beautiful lyric.Truly blessed!” - Becky Signurnjak, Jacksonville

Becky wanted a song to surprise her sister, Celena, on her 40th birthday. She was concerned that Celena felt like she had successfully raised a family but wasn’t sure where life would take her next. She wanted to express her humor, love and admiration for her sister and encourage her to spread her wings and not be afraid to try something new. Celena lives in Florida and loves the ocean. I also recorded a performance video of the song that was played at Celena's birthday party.

"Thank you so much for writing this song for me. I love it!!" - Celena Sigurnjak Ramos

Your Custom Song is a Stunning, 
One-of-a-Kind Gift For:

Bride and Groom under veil
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Mom holding baby up and smiling

Weddings ᐧ Your Spouse or Significant Other ᐧ An Anniversary ᐧ 
Any Birthday ᐧ A Milestone Birthday ᐧ Valentine’s Day ᐧ An Engagement Proposal ᐧ 
A Bridal Shower ᐧ A Bachelor Party ᐧ Mother’s Day ᐧ Father’s Day ᐧ 
Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Kawanza ᐧ A Baby Announcement ᐧ Baby's Arrival ᐧ 
New Mama, Daddy or Both ᐧ New Grandparents ᐧ A Graduation ᐧ A Bar or Bat Mitzvah ᐧ 
A Quinceanera or Sweet 16 Party ᐧ A Retirement Occasion ᐧ 
A Loved One Struggling With an Illness or Other Challenge ᐧ A Dignified Memorial Service ᐧ 
The Loss of A Beloved Pet ᐧ A Breakup ᐧ A Special Thank You ᐧ 
Or Just Because… even a love song or motivational song for yourself!

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Or Use Your Unique and Moving Custom Song to Commemorate:

An Awesome Trip ᐧ An Incredible Achievement ᐧ Your or Your Family’s Motto or Philosophy ᐧ 

A Child’s View of the World ᐧ A Client's Success ᐧ A New Home ᐧ

A Home You're Moving Out Of ᐧ A Personal or Business Breakthrough ᐧ

What Someone You Love Brings to the World ᐧ Why Someone You Love Matters

… and so much more.

When you want to make a lasting impact 

for someone you love, for your family, for your friends,

a custom song by Robin cannot be equalled.

And it's a treasure you can pass down through the generations, telling your unique story, capturing your special moment in time.

five gold stars

I am still stunned and amazed at how she was able to take Erik's story, including inspiration from his favorite musician, Lindsey Stirling, and create such a lovely, inspiring song."

- Tammy Payne, custom song client

five gold stars

“An amazing voice and her piano playing is a delight. Her songwriting leaves me crying and smiling at the same time like she sees the same spirits i do only explains them better.”

- Jason Clifton, St. Cloud, Florida

About Robin O'Donovan

Robin O'Donovan in her music studio

With a songwriting and performance career spanning more than 20 years, and a degree in Music Therapy, pianist and vocalist Robin (performing as Killarney Star) knows exactly how to craft a song to suit a mood, person, or occasion. Robin has two albums currently on worldwide streaming platforms, and fans in more than a dozen countries. Having shared stages with The Motels, Berlin, Jada Pinkett Smith, and The Samples, and having been acclaimed in person for her songwriting by Multi-Grammy-Award-winner Bruce Hornsby, Robin is a powerful songwriter and veteran performer who will give your song idea and occasion the levity it deserves. In addition to coaching people in living their life's purpose, she also performs regular live stream shows on Facebook and Instagram.

Here is what you'll get...

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Personal Consultation With Me

We'll meet by phone or Zoom to discuss your ideas, back story, and how the song or music will be used. You can tell me special inside jokes or stories that you may want worked into the song. I'll ask you what kind of music the recipient loves, what tempo (speed) the song should be, and other specific questions to get it just right. I'll check with you every step of the way as I write the lyrics and craft the music. 

Open notebook of song lyrics

Three Rounds of Revisions

I want the song to be all you hoped for and more. While I've never had to do more than one round of revisions so far, you have my commitment to getting your special song right within three revision sessions, before recording it. I am quite happy to work with you to be sure your song is the perfect expression of the sentiment or goal you envisioned.

Robin singing in the studio and a photo of a custom song CD

A Studio-Quality mp3-file Audio CD

Recorded in my home studio and mixed and mastered by a professional audio engineer, you'll get a lovely CD with an mp3 of your custom song, playable in iTunes and your car, with a customized cover including the title of the song and any dedication you would like, plus all meta data and the lyrics embedded in the mp3 file. Other file types are available depending on the song's end use.

Handwritten and illustrated lyrics to a love song

Extras That Really Make Your Song Shine

You can get an artistic, one-of-a-kind, card-mounted lyric sheet, handwritten and autographed by me, to compliment the presentation of your song. Also available is a custom music video to go with your song (like the ones above on this website), and an in-person or video performance and dedication of your song to absolutely delight your recipient and their guests at your event. 

Get started today. Give the unforgettable gift they truly deserve.

Request more info by email about pricing, options, and more custom song examples... and get my calendar link to chat if you like.

There's no cost or obligation to meet with me to discuss your song or music idea. And if I'm not the perfect songwriter for you, I'll refer you to others who may be.

“A talent artist and songwriter with a big heart and beautiful voice”

- Barbara Scarano, Fregene, Italy